"I didn't know it was possible to put a sweater around a building": Canadian Society for Civil Engineering - hosts Retrofit Canada webinar, tour

In October 2021, Retrofit Canada's Peter Amerongen presented information about Butterwick Project's approach to Deep Energy Retrofits to the Edmonton Section of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering. Following the presentation, section members had the opportunity to tour the Sundance project.

The presentation had some great questions about how realistic is it to scale up panelized deep energy retrofits on an industrial scale, the sub systems Butterwick is using in the Sundance project and what needs to happen to bring more of these projects to market.

Charles Klak, an environmental engineering student and CSEĀ Edmonton Section member, attended the tour for both personal and professional reasons. He cares about preserving the natural environment, but also wanted to know what kind of projects he could work on after he graduates.

Peter Amerongen and Charles Klak
Peter Amerongen and environmental engineering student, Charles Klak, discussing Deep Energy Retrofits.

This is what Charles had to say about what he learned:

"Reducing impact is very achievable. Rather than replace a building, I didn't know it was possible to wrap the building in a sweater."

Thanks to CSCE for inviting Retrofit Canada for sharing the good word about Deep Energy Retrofits and to everyone who participated.

Stay tuned for more.