Help us start a deep retrofit movement by completing this survey

We want to start a deep retrofit movement across Canada to make deep retrofits available to all Canadian homeowners.

About 1/3 of greenhouse gases come from the buildings we use right now. 70 per cent will still be standing in 2050. We can't address climate change just by building new net-zero homes.

We need solutions that make the homes we live in right now net-zero to preserve a liveable climate.

Retrofit Canada believes that deep retrofits are the solution. We are doing a survey of homeowners to learn what they think about making their homes net-zero using deep retrofits.

Done right, a deep retrofit can make a building so energy efficient renewables can provide all of its energy needs. If you have no idea what a deep retrofit is, read this article about one approach before doing the survey.

Your input will help Retrofit Canada learn what consumers think government, industry, and individuals need to do to bring this technology to market on a larger scale.

The survey will take you about 10 minutes. Thank you for your help!