Wanted: Opinionated Homeowners

About one-third of greenhouse gases come from the buildings we use right now. 70 percent will still be standing in 2050. We can’t address climate change just by building new net-zero homes.

We need solutions that make the homes we live in right now net-zero to preserve a liveable climate. Deep Retrofits are the solution.

We are leading a demonstration project for a deep energy retrofit technique that will make single-family homes ready for a net-zero emissions world. We need homeowners to share their views on the project as it progresses.

Your input will help Retrofit Canada learn what consumers think government, industry and individuals need to do to bring this technology to market on a larger scale.

Your participation will involve:

  • completing a short survey later this fall
  • receiving one or two monthly updates about the projects
  • participating in webinars
  • following project progress on social media
  • completing a follow-up survey after the project is finished

It will involve sales pitches or a lot of your time.

Thanks for supporting our effort. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about deep retrofits and how they can help Edmonton get to net-zero.