Retrofit Canada is an open source project to help retrofit every building in Canada by 2050.

Around the world, retrofit initiatives are improving how we design and install deep retrofits.

But those innovations are hidden behind patents and copyrights that prevent good ideas from spreading beyond the boundary of one company or project.

Founded with assistance from Sundance Housing Co-op, NRCAN and SSRIA, Retrofit Canada is an open-source, deep retrofit organization. We want to start a movement to make existing homes net zero.


Our mission is to share solutions, eliminate barriers, and accelerate deep retrofits in Canada to avert a climate catastrophe.


By 2035, Canada’s deep building retrofit industry is thriving and has eliminated emissions from Canadian buildings in a way that creates healthy, inclusive, and thriving communities.

OUR Values

Collaboration: We collaborate and seek partnerships with anyone working to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

Open sharing: We make deep retrofit knowledge and solutions available.

Acting with urgency: The climate emergency demands that we proceed as fast and efficiently as possible. Time is of the essence in everything we do.

Respect and equity: We value every person regardless. We use every opportunity to make this a just and equitable transition.

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