Retrofit Canada in the News: Brookside Retrofit

Jasmine King of Global Edmonton dropped by the Brookside Retrofit to learn how Butterwick Projects used an EnergieSprong-inspired panelized retrofit to make this home 70 to 80 per cent more efficient.

During the interview, homeowners Melanie and Sean Hoffman shared their experience with the retrofit, while Jesse Tufts, who helped manage the project, highlighted Edmonton as a hotspot for net-zero building.

“Instantly the day they put the insulation and the panels on the house, it was quieter. Within an hour the whole house was almost the same temperature. There’s no more cold spots, hot spots.” - Sean Hoffman
“We know that when we have smoky days we can filter our air. We’re not having a bunch of air exchange through the leaky envelope of a regular house, but that air is coming in through a place where we can filter it. It’s also just having that peace of mind.” - Melanie Hoffman
“Edmonton’s always been a hotspot for net zero housing. It’s a really great place to see how this business is growing with some of the first net zero homes in Canada built here.” - Jesse Tufts

Brookside is one of the first three panelized deep retrofits of single-family homes in North America.

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