Wanted (again!): Opinionated Homeowners

Got opinions about deep retrofits? Please do this short survey!

Over the past two and a half years, Retrofit Canada has been trying to help jumpstart Canada's deep retrofit movement. We've done webinars. We've championed groundbreaking projects like the Sundance Housing Co-op's massive retrofit of 59 units. We've shared information about the first three panelized deep retrofits of single-family homes in North America. We've created a case study library.

We've said it over and over - if Canada wants to meet its 2050 emissions targets, we need solutions that make the homes we live in right now net-zero to preserve a livable climate. Deep Retrofits are the solution.

And we're not done. We need to get better at what we're doing. That's where you come in. Way back when we started, we asked homeowners to complete a short survey about deep retrofits. This information helped us understand what homeowners think about, care about, and worry about when considering a retrofit.

Now we're doing that same survey again. Please take five minutes to answer a few questions about deep retrofits. Your feedback will help Retrofit Canada improve our public education activities as we continue in our mission to to share solutions, eliminate barriers, and accelerate deep retrofits in Canada.